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Pirate Power app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 3120 ratings )
Games Entertainment Action Simulation Adventure Role Playing
Developer: Godzilab
Current version: 1.2.150, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 20 Jan 2016
App size: 106.94 Mb

Get ready for an epic pirate RPG adventure filled with boats, cannons, heroes, powers, huge bad guys, exploration and discoveries! Lead your pirate fleet into battle now. It’s easy to play, but difficult to master!

There’s some huge bad guys in Pirate Power. And to beat them, you will need to build, customize and make your boats stronger. With the help of all your heroes and their powerful powers you will teach a lesson to the evil Doge, the giant King Crab, the Kraken and even more enormous bad guys.

Discover the rich and colorful universe of Pirate Power with its unique and high definition 2d art style, stylish heroes and huge monsters in an Epic pirate adventure.

Tsunamis, Meteorites rain, Tornadoes, Thunder Strikes, Arrow shower and other impressive powers will help you win battles against the bad guys. There are more than 60+ heroes and each hero has a unique badass skill.

Discover and collect 200+ boat parts to create thousands of boat combinations. Level up your heroes, weapons, sails, hulls, crazy boat gadgets to become the strongest pirate in the whole universe.

Fight against real opponents to win the arena battles

New for iOS 9, use Replay Kit to screen record full motion video of your epic battles, then share it with other players and viewers online and on your social networks.

Quick actions to access quickly part of the game, and move building quickly using the pressure sensitivity.

PLEASE NOTE! Pirate Power is completely free to play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you dont want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your devices settings

Pros and cons of Pirate Power app for iPhone and iPad

Pirate Power app good for

Cute, easy to pick up and theres plenty to do to keep yourself occupied
My warehouse said it was depreciated and that I had to sell the building, so I did, maybe lost my resources and cannot build a new one? Help
This is a very fun game, has a true adventure feel to it. Fight enemies, complete quests, expand town, sell goods and recruit crew for your ship. Looks beautiful, love the artwork for the game. Im a big fan of Happy Street, also by Godzilab.
Awesome game. So fun and addicting, however, since yesterdays update I have not been able to get it to load up to play. What happened?? I have been playing it for a couple months now and all of a sudden its gone for no reason. Had no choice but to delete it. Thanks, I guess.
Highly addicting, support staff are awesome! Anxiously awaiting every update to find out what new adventure they come up with. Thanks for making a great game:)
I bought a bunch of land and now have nothing to put on it pls make houses for the heros or something and if you could pls make is so the island doesnt go on forever I wasted ALOT of gold

Some bad moments

I found the game interesting until part of the game can only be accessed by having friends play the game too. That wrecked it for me.
The start of the game is alright then you start running out of stamina and the other ships sink you so fast your head will spin
I take back what i said...the grinding is useless and its impossible to proceed after the doge , ive been doing it for over a week trying to get past the whole set of stage ( from lvl1 to 5 ) but the first stage of those cant even be passed since the boss kills you in 3-4 hit. I tried evolving every part of my boat, tried a dandelo boat and still cant even get the first enemy health bar to drop to at least 1/4. Abd forget about progressing in hard mode or hell, youll get stuck with a similar problem for "the claw" and "the navare king".
Its a fun game but it has glitches. My daily rewards are stuck at day 7 and dont continue. Ive contacted support but no solution.
Really enjoyed this game, but had a lot of crashing after watching free video ads to upgrade chests or get more arena tickets. Recent update was to fix crashing upon opening, which wasnt a problem for me until I downloaded the update! Also dont like only being able to get friends via Facebook, but that is a minor thing to me. When its truly fixed and crash-free, Ill happily give it a higher rating
The game was great when I started. Now I am stuck and can play any levels because of the "claws mission". Deleted the app. Has potential but really unbalanced.

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